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We know that you invested a lot of money into getting your hardwood floors and tile, so maintaining them is vital to prolonging their longevity and keeping them looking their best. No matter what kind of hardwood floors you have, getting it professionally cleaned or repaired is the best thing you can do for your floors. Stains and dirt will vanish instantly when you get our professional cleaning service completed. Our IICRC Certified experts are ready to serve SE Michigan today!

Your hardwood floors will quickly lose their luster, deteriorate and cause long-term issues for you in the near future. Although it may appear that hardwood floors don't require that much maintenance and or cleaning, don't be fooled. There are many things you can't see with the naked eye that are hidden and trapped within the grooves of your floor.

Hardwood Flooring Problems To Look Out For

  • Unseen Dirt and Grit - There is plenty of dust, grit, grime and hidden bacteria that gets trapped in your floors, causing much damage to the finish. Getting regular cleaning will prevent this from happening.
  • Unknown Clouding - Heavy use of hairspray could cause your hardwood floor to look cloudy.
  • Rain Stains - Be careful about treading in snow or rain when walking on your hardwood floors. Water and wood do not go well together. When water comes into contact with your wooden floors it will ruin the finish and damage the wood.
  • Easy Wear - Heavy traffic on your wood floors will cause wear on the wood finish and fairly quickly. Having pets, such as cats and dogs, will also cause your wood floor to wear out much faster.

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Very friendly service from Eric, but more importantly the quality of the work was top notch. Carpet looks like new and the cost was also less than we have paid with competitors. Would recommend to anyone in the metropolitan Detroit area. Alex Eitelman

Dave B. did nice work on a repair job after a leak from my a/c took out a part of my finished basement carpet pad. He was quick, thorough, and did a fine job. I recommend him highly Marianne Alf

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