Area Rug Cleaning

Thorough and Consistent Area Rug Cleaning Services in Novi, MI

If your area rug is starting to lose its appeal, let our pros bring it back to life.

Area Rug Cleaning Experts Novi MI | One Stop Carpet Care & Repair - rugMany homeowners use area rugs to decorate their floors, to create an area for shoes, to create a spot for pets to lay on/sleep, to create a place to set your potted plants and other household decor or items, etc. Just like a regular rug, your area rug needs to be cleaned often. This prevents bacteria, dirt, grime, and oils from ruining your rug and prevents your rug from looking run down, giving the appearance of an “old” look. Our professional experts at One Stop Carpet and Repair uses only the best materials and techniques to get the job done right the first time. We ensure that you will be completely 100% satisfied with our service or we will come back to your home and clean it again free of charge.

Cleaning with Scotchgard™!

We clean your rug using Scotchgard™! Scotchgard™ is a spray we use to attack all the dirt and grime on your area rug. It also acts as a soil retardant, so stains will come out quicker. Since the stains in your rug will come out quicker, it makes cleaning your rug easier the next time around. This will not change the look of your rug and is ideal for area rug cleaning.

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