Carpet Stretching and Repair

Quality Carpet Stretching and Repair Services in Novi, MI

Are the edges of your carpet wrinkled and buckling? You've come to the right place!

Occasionally carpet installers don't use the right tools to install new carpet and it doesn't become evident until they have left and the furniture is put back in its place. Then the homeowner starts noticing bumps in the carpet. At most, it is an annoyance, but in certain situations, this can be dangerous and pose a risk for tripping over the loose sections of carpet and falling. It is an unfortunate situation when this happens, but you don't need to live with the poor results. Our team at One Stop Carpet and Repair gives customers in and around Novi, MI the opportunity to solve the problem and get their carpet fixed. We do approximately six to eight carpet stretches per week, so we have a ton of experience and can undo the problems that the carpet installers were responsible for.

Your Go-To Carpet Care Specialists

The technicians from One Stop Carpet and Repair arrive and move all the furniture out of the way before stretching the carpeting from wall to wall to get the bumps out. Once properly done, the fabric will stay exactly where it is placed and you won't have any more bumps in the carpeting. The experts can also fix bumps in the carpeting that cover stairs, despite the fact that they use staples to secure it. Most people prefer the small indentations from the staples, which is safer, than the bumps and rises left by the initial carpet installers. The entire process of carpet stretching usually takes roughly an hour, including time spent moving household furniture. Of course, that time frame varies based on the size of the home and the amount of furniture that needs to be temporarily relocated.

When the time comes for carpet cleaning, we are your go-to specialists. We are able to get out stains from bleach, markers, paint and wax. We are also able to repair burn marks left from fireplaces. We give options for homeowners to save their carpet and fix sections that they thought were beyond repair. It saves you money from not having to replace the whole carpeting. Our team can also remove tough pet stains. While most stains can be removed by cleaning the surface, tougher problems can be fixed by pulling up the carpeting, replacing the padding and cleaning the carpet from the top and bottom to get rid of the damage caused by accidents. Novi residents can count on quick and reliable carpet stretching and cleaning when they hire us.

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