Tile Cleaning and Repair

Expert Tile Cleaning and Repair Services in Novi and the Surrounding Areas!

Let us handle what's between the cracks.

Over time, the grout surrounding floor tiles gets dirty. Bits of it can loosen up and break free, leaving areas around the tiles unsecured. This leaves cracks for debris and other items to take residence there or for the chance for the tiles to shift from their original spots. In order to extend the life of the floor tiles, it's important to have the tiles and grout cleaned. Upon inspection, any damaged sections of the grout should then be removed and fresh caulk should be applied in its place.

While regular cleaning and upkeep may help maintain the look of the tiles, household cleaning supplies and a little elbow grease aren't enough to get a deep cleaning. Powerful machines are needed to pressure wash the tiles and release the dirt from the porous material every so often. Doing so leaves the tiles and grout clean, not just on the surface, but even well below it. It reaches the parts of the tiles that cleaning supplies just can't accomplish. One Stop Carpet and Repair offers tile repair and installation for commercial and residential customers in and around Novi, Michigan.

Specialized Tile Cleaning Services by IICRC Certified Pros

Our technicians specialize in cleaning tile floors using high-end steam cleaning equipment. If sections of the grout have dried out and cracked, our techs can repair them and create a floor that looks like new. Broken tiles can also be replaced if you happen to have extra matching tiles on hand. At One Stop Carpet, we also clean bathtubs to remove dirt, mildew and rust. Our pros are able to get the tiles to look like new and caulk any of the grout that can't be cleaned with the steam cleaner.

Our highly trained professionals use the same powerful machine designed for deep carpet cleaning, except we swap out the attachments when cleaning tiles. The brisk motion of the brush paired with the high-water pressure creates a powerful cleaning system that goes below the surface. Tile repair and installation is detailed work and is best left to our professionals. At One Stop Carpet and Repair in Novi, customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. When we complete this service, the outcome is beautifully clean tiles and happy customers.

You will love the difference that a deep cleaning and re-caulking can make. This service can be done in as little as an hour, but makes an unbelievable difference in the appearance of your tile flooring or bathtub tiles.

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